Mental Toughness Academy

MentalToughAcademy_Head_1-30-19_1_REV includes for Junior Athletes

Program Agenda:

  • On Boarding Session: One-on-One Coaching call to set a three month goal setting plan, hash out any challenges the athlete would like to work on and overall discussion of the program.


  • 1st Monthly Call: Discussion will open with a relevant mental toughness topic. After this, each athlete will discuss how their month went, what is working/what is not working, as well as any challenges they are facing, with discussion to follow.


  • 2nd Monthly Call: “Q&A” session with a professional coach, former pro-athlete or other mental toughness experts who will discuss their career, mental toughness topics and will assist in giving feedback to all relevant questions.


  • Book Cover_2_REV_UP_NewTitle_8WhatsApp Group: Participants of the program will be given a copy of Mental Toughness 101, a journal for weekly journaling exercises and access to a private WatsApp community for regular discuss/camaraderie/support throughout the month.



To Sign Up: Please email Greg at

Price: $67/month (First month No Charge/Cancel Anytime)
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